Interim Orders :- Stoppage of activities and freezure of Bank Accounts of Promoters/Builders 1. Patligram Builders pvt. ltd. 2. Shine City Infra Projects pvt. ltd. 3. Brahm Engineers and Developers pvt. ltd. 4. S.D. Construction and Developers Top 5 Promoters/Builders against whom highest numbers of complaints have been received. 1. Agrani Group of Companies 51 (27.56%) 2. Bhootesh Construction Pvt. Ltd. 11(5.88%) 3. Utkarsh Infraconstruction Pvt. Ltd. 11(5.88%) 4. Nesh India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 8 (4.32%) 5. Brahm Engineer and Developers Pvt. Ltd 4 (2.13%)

For any issues in online registration, please send email on rerabihar[at]gmail[dot]com with all details (PAN No. of Promoter is mandatory).